4 Advantages of Using a Tissue Ring

>4 Advantages of Using a Tissue Ring

4 Advantages of Using a Tissue Ring

Many people mistakenly believe that a tissue ring is an unnecessary purchase. After all, why should you buy something to hold your tissues in place when they always come in packets or boxes? Tissue rings are usually made of stainless steel, completely hygienic, and as you read on, they also offer a number of advantages with their use.

No Branding
Sometimes, you're forced to buy more expensive tissue brands simply because you don't want people to think less of you. This is in spite of the fact that you know there are more affordable brands which offer the same quality of tissue paper…if not better.

Using a tissue ring can solve your problem from now on. You can throw away the tissue box and no one will have to know what the brand of your tissue paper is.

No Ugly-Looking Boxes
Then again, it could be that your favorite tissue brand simply has the most awful packaging or box design. In this case, a tissue ring will get to solve your problem as well. Toss the box into the wastebasket and enjoy the minimalistic beauty that tissue rings offer.

No Feminine Side
Some guys have issues with tissue boxes. They think it's too feminine and end up equipping their cars, offices, or living rooms with toilet paper. While toilet paper certainly has its good points, it's not always the best material to use when, say, wiping your face clean.

To give your car a sufficient supply of tissue paper without looking too feminine or high-maintenance, use a tissue ring and throw out those pink and floral tissue boxes that you hate.

Prepared in Advance
Finally, tissue rings let you know when you're about to run out of tissue paper. Have you ever tried plucking a sheet out of the box only to realize that there's nothing left? That could be potentially embarrassing if you'd been about to hand the tissue to a date, your boss, or anyone you want to impress. Say goodbye to this potential humiliation with a tissue ring.

How Tissue Rings Work
Simply take out the whole set of tissues from its box and place the tissue ring on top of it. The innovative design and engineering of the tissue ring ensures that the tissues stay in place while allowing you to easily pluck out a single sheet at a time. You need not worry that you'll accidentally pluck out a second sheet or tear the first one into pieces.